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Meeting information

September 24, 2013 in Advanced Beekeeping, Education, General Club Info, Novice Beekeeping

The OABeeA’s April meeting will be held not at our usual location, but at the Georgia Southern University Botanical Garden on April 24. Members will be able to rotate through discussion groups led by members on a variety of topics and we will work with the club’s hive at the Garden. The Botanical Garden is located a few blocks from the main campus of Georgia Southern University at 1505 Bland Avenue. Enter through the iron gates on Bland Avenue and park in the nearby field.

The OABeeA’s May meeting will be held at our usual location, Fordham’s Farmhouse Restaurant in Statesboro. Our speaker will be Mr. Bruce Morgan. Mr. Morgan was honored as the 2013 Georgia Beekeeper of the Year by the Georgia Beekeepers Association. He will speak on “The Importance of a Nuc in Your Bee Yard.”

General Meeting Information

The usual meeting date, time & location of the Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Association is the last Thursday of the month, 5:30 p.m., at Fordham’s Restaurant in Statesboro, GA.
The Annual Meeting will be held the last Thursday of every July.  The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to conduct the business of electing new officers, approving a budget as presented by the Board, making changes to the By-laws if needed, and other business as deemed appropriate by the Board.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, April 24 at the Georgia Southern University Botanical Garden.  The Botanical Garden is located a few blocks from the main campus of Georgia Southern University at 1505 Bland Avenue. Enter through the iron gates on Bland Avenue and park in the nearby field.

USUAL LOCATION:  The Banquet Room at Fordham’s Farmhouse Restaurant, 23657 Hwy. 80 East, Statesboro, GA.
Please go through the line first and get your dinner.  Fordham’s menu may be found by clicking here.

MEETING TIME:  5:30 p.m.
Some people arrive about 5 p.m. to enjoy fellowship, the usual discussions and to get an early start on supper.

WHO MAY ATTEND OUR MEETINGS:  Anyone with any level of experience or inexperience in bees, whether or not they are a member of the association or even own bees, is invited.  Most people have at least some level of interest when they come to their first meeting, but we guarantee that everyone will have an interest when they leave the meeting.

PURPOSE OF THE OGEECHEE AREA BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION:  The OABEEA is an educational organization dedicated to the promotion of the art and science of beekeeping to novice and hobbyist beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, and the general public in the area of southeast Georgia through member cooperation and information exchange via meetings, programs, and projects.

FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK at facebook.com/OABeeA

bee there

The Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Association meets the last Thursday
of every month, 5:30 p.m. at Fordham’s Restaurant in Statesboro, GA. Bee there!

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Get on our email list

September 24, 2013 in General Club Info, Membership

Sign up below to get on our email list.  Members current as of September 26 are already on the list.


If your sign-up is successful, you will be automatically redirected back to the Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Association home page at oabees.com.

If you would like to send the club a message, please use our Contact page.


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New Members & Members’ Websites on OABees.com

August 1, 2013 in Membership, Website info

We have begun to officially enroll members! The annual membership is $12 for individuals and $24 for families.
You will find instructions on how to join plus you may download a membership form when you click here.

Please remember: You are invited and encouraged to attend our meetings whether your are a member or not,
but only members. . .

  • are able to participate in our online forum and “learning center,” and
  • be able to vote on organization business and direction of the club’s activities.
  • may request their own, free Oabees.com account & website
    • The website admin creates all accounts and oabees personal websites only upon request of members
    • To get your free account & website, send a request to the website admin using the Contact us page.

Membership is a very reasonable, so we encourage everyone to join and participate to make this a strong organization.beeline

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About your new, personal website

August 1, 2013 in Website info


For Members:

If you have requesed your new OABees.com account and free website,  I hope you are taking it for a “test drive.”  It’s so easy to edit, add info, put you pictures on the site and a lot more…

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Follow the directions on the “Getting Started” download. Please do this first to ensure your website’s security and the overall security and look of all of our websites.  Please only go into the parts of your Dashboard that are specified in the “Getting Started…” .pdf.
  2. Tutorials to get your personal website “going” are very easy to follow. You may find the “WordPress Tutorials” on the OABees.com homepage in the right-hand sidebar.
    >> The four most important tutorials to begin with are, in order, Posts, Pages, Menus and Adding Pictures or Media to posts or pages. That’ll get you going and you’ll be able to go from there!

Have fun with your website!

For Non-Members:

If you’re not yet a member of our Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Association and consequently do not have your own personal OABees.com website, we have a nice solution for you!  Join our association today or at the next meeting and we’ll get you up and running in no time!.
Click here to learn how you can join as soon as possible.

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Welcome to our new website & online community!

July 2, 2013 in Website info

Welcome to OABees.com, the online home of the Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Assoc.  Our website is unique because it doubles as an online “community”!

When you join the Ogeechee Area Beekeepers Association, you may request to be registered on our new website which includes your own website as a part of the online community.  Your website will be super easy to customize.  You may add pages, news posts, stories, pictures and more to show everyone your bees, hives, farm, property, family, etc.  Please use our contact form to make the request.

You may also comment on other members pages, posts and pictures, interact with other members online and more.   In the near future, we’ll have a forum (threaded bulletin board) to further everyone’s education and interaction with your fellow beekeepers.

We all look forward to seeing other members’ sites – see the “Members’ websites” links in the right-hand sidebar.

Have fun with this!